Faith-Based Counseling For You And Your Spouse

3 April 2023
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Christian counseling sessions use biblical teachings to guide clients through difficult issues that they are facing. If you and your spouse are enduring a rough patch in your marriage, seek guidance through an online Christian marriage counseling program. 

An Overview Of Christian Counseling

Christian counseling uses the word of God, plus biblical scriptures, to help a client overcome obstacles that they are faced with. Christian counselors hold the same beliefs as the clients they counsel. They may refer to a particular passage in the Bible when drawing a parallel between the passage and what the couple is experiencing in their marriage.

Christian counseling can be uplifting. It can help a couple focus on what brought them together in the first place. It can also encourage a married couple to forgive one another and move forward with their marriage in a loving and supportive manner.

Getting Started With A Program

An online Christian-based marriage counseling program is designed for individuals and couples to participate in. An online counseling portal will require you to answer some preliminary questions that will match you with a counselor who is well-equipped to address the concerns that you have with your marriage.

If you are comfortable about asking your partner to join you on your counseling journey, mention to them that you would like to pursue counseling through an online program. If your spouse is receptive to this idea, you will each be required to answer some questions that will aid with matching you both with a counselor.

Guided Counseling Sessions

The preliminary questions that you and your spouse answer will determine what type of issue the two of you have been facing. Communication barriers, money concerns, infidelity, and domestic violence could trigger a problem within your marriage.

A counselor will focus on the problem that has been identified through the questionnaires that you and your spouse submitted. If there are several issues within your marriage, the counselor who you and your spouse meet with will provide counseling for each of the issues. During a counseling session, you and your spouse will use a video platform to speak face-to-face with your counselor.

A counseling session is a time when you and your spouse can speak openly, without feeling as if either of you is being judged. It can be helpful to have a Bible at your disposal during each counseling session. This will allow you and your spouse to read along when your counselor refers to a particular scripture. 

Contact an online Christian marriage counseling service to learn more.