Why You Should Have A Liquor License For Your Restaurant

19 May 2022
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If you are the owner of a restaurant that doesn't currently serve alcohol, then you may be looking for information regarding the benefits of getting your liquor license. Once you have your liquor license, you would be able to include alcohol on your menus. Here are some advantages that can come with serving alcohol in your dining establishment: 

You can gain a competitive edge

When you don't serve alcohol, you may be losing a lot of business to people who would like to order an alcoholic drink with their meal. Instead of going to your restaurant, they may choose to spend their money at your competitor, where they can get the drink they want. Once you also serve alcohol, you can start getting all those patrons who enjoy having a drink with their meals. 

Drinks have higher profit margins than food

Once you start selling alcohol, you will also be able to take advantage of the fact that there is typically a much better profit margin on alcohol than there is on food. This is something that helps you to increase your business's profits in a way that should remain fairly steady throughout the year.  

You can open a bar area

If you decide to go through with obtaining your liquor license, then you can even open a bar area in your restaurant and this can bring in a good flow of customers who may not come through the doors otherwise. Also, those who come in to enjoy the bar will often also decide to purchase something to eat. 

You can increase your number of regulars

When someone finds a place that can serve them delicious meals and good drinks, they often end up becoming regular patrons of that establishment. Therefore, by expanding your restaurant's menu to include alcoholic beverages, you will also be increasing the likeliness of you gaining more regulars. When you have regulars, it means that's going to be regular money coming into your business. Also, those regulars will often bring friends or family in with them, and these people may also become regulars. 


With so many restaurants serving alcohol to their patrons, it can be a real plus for you also serving these drinks. This is one of the best ways you can go about establishing your restaurant as one of the better ones in your area, where people can go for food, good service, and great drinks.

For more information, check out a few liquor license consultants or see this page.