What To Know About Getting A Professional Marine Survey

13 July 2021
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In recent years, boat sales in the United States reached the $42 billion mark. People that own boats understand that owning them is a labor of love that is well worth it. When you are able to take excellent care of your boat, you'll get more value and performance from it. One of the main facets of boat ownership is to get a marine survey when necessary. In this article, you will learn more about what marine surveys are, why they're beneficial, and how you can get it done with the help of a professional.

What are the advantages of a professional marine survey?

A professional marine survey is a type of inspection that assesses the overall condition of a vessel for business and insurance reasons. These inspections look into several factors, such as whether or not the boat is in compliance with regulations and standards and whether or not the boat has sustained any significant damage. These marine surveys are helpful whether you own a yacht, a fishing boat, or any other marine vessel.

Getting a marine survey is helpful because it lets you know that your vessel is safe, sound, and ready for the water. Since navigating open waterways always comes with a measure of risk, you have to mitigate as many of these issues as possible. You are also protecting your health and safety since you will be better able to rely on the boat after it has been inspected and repaired.

What happens during a marine survey?

If you are going to get a marine survey, it's important to know what happens during the process. There are several different types of surveys, such as new yacht surveys, damage surveys, appraisal surveys, cargo surveys, and condition and value surveys. The type of inspection work that goes into the survey will depend on the type that you receive. With marine surveys, the professional will draw up a written report for the survey so that you can keep it for your records.

In this way, you are able to have the right information whenever it is time to get your boat insured, make a sale, or otherwise conduct business. It's also important to have a survey on file to prove that your boat is up to date and in compliance.

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