Applying for a Liquor License for Your Business

23 February 2021
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For many businesses, the ability to serve liquor can be an excellent capability as it can allow for the enterprise to increase its revenue. However, the process of obtaining a license to sell these products can be more complicated than a small business owner may realize due to some misconceptions about this process.

Myth: Applying for a Liquor License Is as Simple as Paying a Fee

It is often the case that a small business owner may assume that applying for a liquor license will involve little more than paying a fee to have the license issued. In reality, applying for this type of license can be an extremely lengthy and complicated process. For example, you may need to undergo a series of hearings or community planning meetings. This can be in addition to the ample paperwork that will have to be submitted. By understanding the complexity of this task ahead of time, you can be better positioned to make informed choices and plan effectively as you are navigating this process.

Myth: There Are Few Obligations for Establishments That Serve Liquor

If your establishment will serve liquor to patrons, it is important to appreciate that this can have some major liabilities and responsibilities. For example, your establishment will have to take aggressive steps to ensure that minors are not served and to make sure that patrons are not served an excessive amount of alcohol. To make sure that your business is following these responsibilities, the workers will have to be trained to understand their obligations when it comes to serving these products.

Myth: A Liquor License Application Consultant Will Be Too Expensive

Some professional consultants can help a small business to navigate the process of applying for a license to serve liquor products. Unfortunately, some business leaders may not consider this option due to the added costs that it will add to the process of applying for this license. However, these professionals will be able to offer you invaluable guidance and assistance throughout this process. These can help to ensure that your application is processed as quickly as possible by reducing the risks of errors potentially resulting in rejections or delays. As a result of this benefit, you may find that the modest fees charged by these professionals can be a worthwhile investment for helping your business to start selling liquor products as soon as possible while reducing the risk of costly errors and delays.

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