Selling Your Invention

12 May 2017
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Thinking up a new product and creating it takes a great deal of brainpower and effort. Once your invented product is complete, it may work fantastically, but your primary concern might be how to sell it. If you're not a natural salesman, this can become a challenging endeavor. The actions that follow can get your product in the hands of people who can propel it to success or use it themselves.

Obtain a Product Patent

While an interested company may be able to join with you in filling out patent applications, you can have a stronger position walking into a consultation with a patent that is already yours. One reason for that is that you'll able to prove that there are no patent issues; with the work already done, they can be assured that they are less likely to be the target of lawsuits from others claiming your design isn't original.

Talking to companies without a patent may unnecessarily delay your own goals. If you are in talks with one company and those talks fall through, being able to take your patent to another business for discussion is easier than working with a company that withdraws its support and assistance before the patent is granted.

The patent process is one that can be confusing for those who are not familiar with it; working through a registered patent agent can ensure that you complete all requirements in a way that allows your application to be approved quickly and without many problems.

Construct Press Releases

To gain the interest of possible customers and companies that can buy you out, you'll need some attention. To generate some, marketing and public relations are important. A free way to get some of the attention you'd like is to start crafting press releases. These releases, typically consisting of a few paragraphs about you and your product, can be sent periodically to television stations, newspapers, and local magazines. The more releases you send out to a high number of outlets, the more you're likely to be asked to come in for interviews or have stories written about you and what your product can do to help and serve people in a particular market.

With a clearer understanding of what you must do to get your product sold, use the information here. You should soon be able to see your product in the hands of those who need it.